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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Apr 16, 2011

Owens (2) - Round 16

Dave (Popularity, Culinary/Politics), Nikki (Fortune, Dance), Carrie (Family, 6 Grandchildren), Faith, & Andrew

Carrie goes on a 1st date with Andrew Banks (he was a 50 1st Dates LTW)

Dave & Nikki can't keep their hands off each other. (He invited Jeanie over since they got a dog. So far, I haven't been able to get her to play with other people's dogs... grrrr....)

Dave hit the top of the career in politics & now needs to make 20 BF's. 30 if  he's lucky!

There you go Jeanie! He loves you! Play with him & make a doggy best friend!

Oh God! Did you break your arm Dave?! Can I call an ambulance? What? A break dance contest? What?

Nikki told you guys to play together. I expected red hands or catch.  Try again...

Whoa... cuddling under the clouds is NOT considered playing & it is NOT age appropriate!  (Note: They're best friends now, though...)

Faith grew up preeeeetty!  (Knowledge, Oceanography).  I tried to get her to wear glasses, but they keep showing up reflective in the pictures, so she got contacts...

Andrew tries to make friends.  "Um... so do you like burgers?"

Nikki grows up! Darnit! I wanted her to reach the top of her career first!

I love the attitude Carrie is giving off!

Happy birthday!

What? Wesley Tomyoy & Cornelius Banks! Are you guys FIGHTING over Carrie? I haven't even decided who gets to marry her, geez!

Andrew becomes a teen. Wow! He looks so much like his great granddad JP Boggs. (Maybe it's just the hair & shirt.. we'll have to see when he turns into an adult...)

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