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Prosperity Peeps

Apr 14, 2011

Owens (4) - Round 15

Everett (Family, 6 Grandchildren), Elise (Family, 6 Grandchildren), Hariette, Vanessa & Perry.

The Owens needed more space for their growing family & had saved up enough money to move into a new home.  The Pleasants sold it to them dirt cheap since they were going through a nasty divorce.

Vanessa becomes a child.

Stupid nanny!

Everett didn't care too much for Elise's ex-lover coming over all the time.  "We're just friends," she tried to explain.

Perry grows up after waking up from a nap.  To be fair, Vanessa pushed him first...

Oh look, whose behavoir do you think they're mimicking?

Here we go again!  (What? No baby pictures?! Geez!  They had twin girls May & Bambi)

Harriette becomes a teen (Pleasure, Culinary).  Uh oh, Mom. Lock your daughter away.  Gage is looking at her funny. (And how hot are those abs? *fans herself*)

There they go again. Looks like these kids need to be sent to time out!

Aw, finally a calm family moment...

Bambi becomes a toddler (she was actually Baby Girl up until this point!)

May becomes a toddler as well!

There should be an option for Sim Mommy to ground Sim Kiddies...

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