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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Apr 14, 2011

Owens (5) - Round 15

Lamar (Pleasure, 50 1st Dates/Culinary/50 Dream Dates), Gracie (50 Dream Dates/Gamer), Candice (Family, Education), Terrance (Pleasure, 50 1st Dates/Culinary)

Candice went to work starving & was subsequently starving. When the carpool dropped her off, she fainted.

Uh oh. This looks serious! Thankfully Lamar was home to plead with Grimie!


Apparently Angie dropped by to cause some marital discord again.

Jake Butler stopped by to check on Candice after hearing about her passing out.  How sweet!

Terrance became BFF with the gypsy matchmaker. [I have left out all of his dates, but he did it!]
Although Gracie never forgave him, Lamar was heartbroken when she died.
Knowing there wasn't a huge pool of girls to pick from, Terrance spent 5000 on his next date.
Meet Catalina, Terrance's perfect date.
Terrance doesn't know what came over him, but he just had an intense desire to do anything Catalina said.
Candice & Lamar were worried about the changes in Terrance.

His new attitude seemed to start with Catalina. But he was much too in love to listen to their fears.
It didn't surprise anyone when he proposed marriage.
Plans were falling right into place for Catalina.  Terrance was a superb apprentice.  It was time to take him home.

Terrance glanced back one more time before the cab fell off. He wasn't even gone yet & they were gossiping. He would show them...  Catalina loved him!

Candice threw herself into James arms after Terrance moved out.  She couldn't believe that witch had convinced him to marry her & then leave!  It surprised her when the hug turned romantic...

...and passion flared.
Candice swooned over how amazing James had turned out to be.  She would have to break it off with Jake so that she could marry James.
The next morning, she ran to the bathroom and felt nauseous.

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