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Apr 21, 2011

Owens (5) - Round 16

Lamar (Pleasure, 50 1st Dates/Culinary/50 Dream Dates) & Candice (Family, Education)

Uh oh.
 Lamar was excited that he would soon have a grandchild, but was worried about Candice being unmarried.

Candice was so excited to surprise Chuck the next morning... but he never showed up & never called again.
"Don't worry, Candice. We're in this together!" Lamar called out as she went through labor.

Meet little boy Stanley.  It broke her heart to see how much he looked like his absent  father.
But Lamar hadn't known that his time was almost up when he'd made that promise.  "I've made a terrible mistake," he cried.

Time flew by & Stanley grew up to be a toddler - the spitting image of his father.  Taking a deep breathe, she made a very hard phone call.

"I didn't think you'd want to know since you disappeared... but... you have a child..." Candice blurted.
Chuck rushed to the nursery and hugged his child.  "I can't believe you & your father would keep this from me!" Chuck accused.
"My father? What does he have to do with this?" Candice yelled back.
"Who do you think sent me away soon after we fell in love? He said that you were going to marry Jake Butler..."
"Why did he never tell me?" Candice wailed.  "I thought you didn't love me & that you were a Romance Sim!"
"No, sweetheart, I'm definitely not a Romance Sim. Marry me & make the happiest man in the world."
And Chuck Baity joined the family, determined to earn 100K in the architecture field.


  1. Awww...I'm such a sucker for happy endings!

  2. Stanley looked so much like Chuck, I couldn't keep them apart! I'm such a Family Sim. :P


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