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Prosperity Peeps

Apr 15, 2011

Pratts - Round 16

Christopher (Knowledge, Criminal/Architecture), Kerie (Knowledge, Gamer/Max 7 Skills), Jesse (Romance, 20 WooHoo), & Felicia (Romance, Music)

Jesse puts the move on Autumn in the winter.

Ooooh... and smacked by Gabriella Nichols!

Felicia grows up, ready to make her name!

Oh look, the matchmaker hooked Jesse up with Caterina Rossi! How fortunate! (The night ended with a notch on the bedframe.. err.. closet door... for both of them...)

And now he's introduced to Robin.

Oooooh... intercepted by Opal!  Opal & Robin stayed mad at him the entire Round, despite numerous Smooth Talks & apologizing. He just couldn't score with either again.

But he could score with 3 Bolt Love, Willow....

Kerie maxed her skills.
And I didn't get a picture of it, but Christopher had NUMEROUS hissy fits every time he saw Jesse romancing another woman! I think Jesse's been written out of the will!

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