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Apr 15, 2011

Romanos - Round 16

Emilio (Knowledge, Entertainment), Shelly (Knowledge, Entertainment), Amin Graham (Romance, Music), Rose & Fiona

Shelly was ready to do her hair different... I'm not sure I really like it... but I'm going with it!

Wow, Emilio got two promotions in one night and is heading off to work again. *crosses fingers* Will he come home with another promotion?!

Amin grows up & decides to rock his Dad's signature shaggy hair...

"Time to move on..." Amin said as he moved out.

He did it! *applause* I think that deserves a reward! 3 promotions in one night. You can sleep now...

Happy birthday baby girls!  Here's Rose

And Abigail!

And Little Abigail! Come on! I really wanted a boy to carry on the Romano name!

It's no surprise that Emilio gets another promotion & reaches the top of the entertainment career!  Now he wants to check out the ocean...

All grown up... Fiona on the left, Rose on the right..

And don't forget little Abigail!

The girls have different interests. Rose likes to skill & Abigail likes to chat online.  (I like how it's protected so she can only talk to kids...)

A nice family dinner? Wait... I think it's breakfast.. What are you guys doing eating salad for breakfast? Emilio shrugs, "Eh, it was the only thing in our fridge this morning.. leftovers!"

Shelly reaches the top of her career, too.  She now wants to go into the medical field. Really? Couldn't pick anything similar to the skills you already learned, could you?

Aww.. they're so in love!

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