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Apr 21, 2011

Round 16 End Stats

Started with 161 Sims, added 22 Sims. (Gregory Banks; Francis Kwa & Eddie Boggs; Rebecca & Paul Owens; Abigail Romano; Jackon & Harrison Turner; Arnold Pratt; Roger & Joann Tomyoy; Kimberly Turner; Chuck Baity & Stanley Turner; Billy Huerta & Max Fairchild; Baby Girl Hsu; Clarence Pratt; Harper, Russell & Kendra Turner; and Kurt Banks)

Households:  Added 2 new households - Amin Graham & Molly Fairchild moved into their own places.

Aspiration Failures:  3 - Catalina Turner had a lot of mental breakdowns after changing diapers & having twin newborns.

Social Bunny Visits: 1 - Joel Centowski shooed the social bunny from the room.

Total Score:   351
183 Sims, 32 households, 25 aspiration failures, 4 social bunny visits, 3 firing
Neighborhood $:  $4,859,972 = 48 points (not updated for Round 16)
15 households have held 3 generations (Banks, Boggs, Nichols, Owens, Romano, Pratts, Owens (2), Owens (3), Owens (4), Tomyoy (2), Turners, *Pratts (2), *Turners (3), *Owens (5), & *Fairchild)
30 platinum graves
Top of Career= 62:
   Henry Banks (Criminal/Dance), Margaret Banks (Athletic/Criminal), *Julie (Intelligence)
   Simon Boggs (Education)
   Marcus Nichols (Education), Quentin Nichols (Dance/Adventure)
   Seth Owens (Gamer), Shanna (Athletic), Ian (Architecture/Oceanography)
   Nina Romano (Architecture/Criminal, *Emilio (Entertainment), *Shelly (Entertainment)
   Bryan Pratt (Architecture/Entertainment/Adventure), Christopher (Criminal), Kerie (Gamer)
   Michael Turner (Athletic), Jenna (Journalism)
   AJ Owens (Business), Mary (Adventure), Dave (Culinary/*Politics)
   Carter Owens (Journalism), Lindsay (Military/Athletic)
   Ashley Tomyoy (Culinary), Sheldon (Oceanography), Lance (Law Enforce), Aailyah (Dance)
   Dexter Owens (Gamer), *Everett (Police)
   *Derrick Pratt (Business)
   Olivia Tomyoy (Athletic), Gage (Slacker), DeeDee (Slacker)
   Taye Turner (Journalism/Politics), Carolina (Police)
   Lamar Turner (Culinary)
   Renaud Rossi (Athletic), *Caterina (Music)
   Todd Fairchild (Medicine), *Thomas (Gamer)
   Geoffrey Allbee (Law/Culinary, *Janeenee (Culinary)
   Hannah Collins (Journalism)
   Kara Banks (Dance)
   *Franklin Hsu (Culinary), *Monica (Culinary)
   *Shane Benson (Music)
   Trevor Hsu (Intelligence)
   Reggie Pratt (Intelligence), Bella (Slacker)
   *Kenneth Turner (Politics), *Christine (Law)

Impossible Wants (+3)= 20:
    Maya Nichols-Rossi had 50 Dream Dates
    AJ Owens-Earn 100K
    Elmer Tomyoy - Have 30 BF
    Gracie Turner - 50 Dream Dates
    Lamar Turner - 50 1st Dates
    Henry Banks - Earn 100K
    Margaret Banks - Earn 100K
    Bryan Pratt - Max 7 Skills
    Renaud Rossi - 30 BFs
    Nina Romano - Max 7 Skills
    Ian Owens - Max Skills
   Quentin Nichols – Earn 100K
   Christopher Pratt – Earn 100K
   Aaliyah Tomyoy – Earn 100K
   Todd Fairchild – Max 7 Skills
   *Amelia Nichols - Have 30 BF
   *Kerie Pratt - Max 7 Skills
   *Jenna Young - Max 7 Skills
   *Marcus Turner - 30 Best Friends
   *Terrance Turner - 50 1st Dates

Preston (Wealth, Dance) Deceased
Generation Two 
Henry Banks (Wealth, Criminal/Dance/Earn 100K), Deceased
Margaret (Middleton) (Wealth, Athletic/Criminal), Deceased
Generation Three
Charles - (Family, Golden Anniversary)
Julie (Owens) (Wealth, Intelligence/Architecture)
Generation Four
Virginia -  teen (Wealth, 5 Top Businesses)
William - child
*Gregory - baby

Edison (Pleasure, 50 Dream Dates) Deceased with 18 Dream Dates
JP (Knowledge, Max Skills)
Generation Two
Simon (Family, Raise 20 Pets/Have 6 Grandchildren), Deceased
Sadie (Louie) - (Family, Have 6 Grandchildren), Deceased
Generation Three
Benjamin - (Knowledge, Architecture)
Krystal (Tomyoy) - (Knowledge, Max 7 Skills)
Emily (Boggs)- (Popularity, Law)
Alon Kwa - (Popularity, Police)
Generation Four
Dora - child
Roxy - child
*Francis Kwa - toddler
*Eddie - baby

Janene (Family, Marry 6 Children) Deceased
Marcus (Family, Education), Deceased
Generation Two
Quentin (Wealth, Dance/Adventure/6 Pets TOC)
Amelia (Boggs) (Popularity, 20 BFs/Politics)
Generation Three
Arianna - (Romance, 20 Loves)
Gabriella - (Knowledge, Gamer)
Mark -teen (Wealth, 5 Top Businesses)

Seth (Pleasure, Gamer) Deceased
Shanna (Bruenig) (Romance, Athletic) Deceased
Generation Two
Ian - (Knowledge, Architecture/Oceanography/Marry 6 Kids), Deceased
Brenda (Wheeler) - (Popularity, Own 5 Top Businesses), Deceased
Generation Three
Dustin - (Family, Education)
Kana (townie) - (Family, 6 Grandchildren)
*Rebecca - baby
*Paul - baby

Salvatore (Family, 6 Grandchildren), Deceased
Isabella (Family, Raise 20 Pets), Deceased

Gina Marie (Wealth, Dance), Deceased
Generation Two
Nina [Elmer Tomyoy] (Romano) (Knowledge, Architecture/Criminal), Deceased
Amin  Graham (Family, Marry 6 Children), Deceased
Generation Three
Emilio [Ian Owens] Romano - (Knowledge, Entertainment/Oceanography)
Shelly (Tomyoy) - (Knowledge, Entertainment/Medical)
Generation Four
Rose -toddler
Fiona -toddler
*Abigail - baby

Maya (Nichols) (Pleasure, 50 Dream Dates) Deceased
Generation Two
Bryan - (Knowledge, Architecture/Entertainment/Adventure/Max 7 Skills), Deceased
Christopher - (Knowledge, Criminal/Architecture)
Kerie (Benson) - (Knowledge, Gamer/Max 7 Skills)
Generation Three
Jesse - (Romance, 20 Woo Hoo)
Felicia - (Romance, Music)

Naomi (Nichols) (Family, Raise 20 Pets), Deceased
Bruce Turner (Knowledge, Entertainment), Deceased
Generation Two
Michael Turner (Popularity, Athletic/20 BF/20 Pet BF), Deceased
Jenna (Young) - (Knowledge, Journalism/Max 7 Skills)
Generation Three
Tasha (Romance, Culinary)
Jerome (Pleasure, Culinary)
Marie (Hsu) - (Pleasure, Culinary)
Generation Four
*Jackson [Korey Collins] - toddler
*Harrison [Jesse Pratt] - baby

Owens (2)
AJ (Wealth, Earn 100K/Earn 100K), Deceased
Mary (Boggs) (Knowledge, Adventure/5 Top Businesses), Deceased
Generation Two
Dave - (Popularity, Culinary/Politics)
Nikki (Waiter) - (Wealth, Dance)
Generation Three
Faith-teen (Knowledge, Oceanography)
Andrew -teen (Romance, ?)

Owens (3) 
Carter (Knowledge, Journalism) Deceased
Lindsay (Macaravich) (Popularity, Athlete), Deceased
Generation Two
Patrick - (Romance, 20 Woo Hoo/Music), Deceased
Demi Lawson- (Family, Golden Anniversary)
Generation Three
Pat - child
Rick -child

Ashley (Banks) (Romance, Culinary)  Deceased
Sheldon Tomyoy (Fortune, Earn 100k) Deceased
Generation Two
Lance (Family, Police/Marry 6 Children), Deceased
Aaliyah (Romano) (Wealth, Earn 100K), Deceased
Generation Three
Wesley - (Wealth, Entertainment)
Mason - (Wealth, Athletic)
Sunny - teen (Popularity, Music)
Elizabeth-teen (Pleasure, Culinary)

Owens (4)
Dexter (Family, Golden Anniversary/6 Grandchildren), Deceased
Alessandra (Romano) (Education), Deceased
Generation Two
Everett - (Family, 6 Grandchildren)
Elise (Rossi) (Family, 6 Grandchildren)
Generation Three
Harriette -teen (Pleasure, Culinary)
Vanessa -teen (Family, Marry 6 Children)
Perry -teen (Knowledge, Adventure)
May -child
Bambi - child

Pratt (2)
Manuel - (Knowledge, Architecture), Deceased
Sheila (grocery delivery) - (Wealth, Law), Deceased
Generation Two
Derrick - (Family, Golden Anniversary)
Bethany (Owens)- (Knowledge, Oceanography)
Generation Three
Darren -teen (Popularity, ?)
*Arnold - baby

Tomyoy (2)
Elmer - (Popularity, 20 Best Friends), Deceased
Olivia (Romano) - (Romance, Athletic) Deceased
Lindsay (Nichols) - (Romance, 20 Lovers), Deceased
Generation Two
Gage -  (Romance, Slacker/20 WooHoo/20 Loves)
DeeDee Turner - (Romance, Slacker/20 WooHoo)
Generation Three
Mimi - teen (Popularity, Journalism)
Maureen - child
*Joanne - child
*Roger - child

Turner (2)

Turner (3)
Taye Turner -  (Popularity, Journalism/Politics/20 Pet BF), Deceased
Carolina (Davison)- (Popularity, Police/20 Pet BF), Deceased
Generation Three
Marcus -  (Popularity, 20 BF/Journalism)
Stella (Boggs) - (Popularity, Military)
Generation Four
Natalie - teen (Family, 6 Grandchildren)
Rebecca - child
*Kimberly - toddler

Owens (5)
Gracie (Owens) - (Pleasure, 50 Dream Dates/Gamer), Deceased
Lamar Turner - (Pleasure, 50 1st Dates/Culinary/50 Dream Dates), Deceased
Generation Three
Candice (Turner) - (Family, Education)
*Chuck Baity - (Fortune, Architecture)
Generation Four
*Stanley Turner - baby

Phebe [Edison Boggs] (Romano) -  (Family, Marry 6 Kids), Deceased
Daniel Hsu (Family, Education), Deceased
Generation Three
Nate - (Popularity, Music)

Stacy (Tomyoy) - (Family, Golden Anniv.), Deceased
Todd Fairchild - (Knowledge, Medicine/Max 7 Skills)
Generation Three
Thomas - (Pleasure, Gamer/50 Dream Dates)
Ethel (Banks) - (Fortune, 5 Top Level)
*Billy Huerta - (Fortune, Athletic)
Generation Four
*Max - baby

Renaud Rossi (Popularity, Athletic/20 BF/20 Pet BF), Deceased
Caterina (Tomyoy) - (Romance, 20 Lovers/Music), Deceased
Generation Two
Pierre - (Romance, 20 Loves)
Chantal - teen (Pleasure, Slacker)
Aimee - teen (Wealth, Oceanography)

JaNeeNee (Turner) - (Pleasure, Culinary/50 Dream Dates), Deceased
Geoffrey Allbee - (Popularity, Law/Culinary/20 Pet BF)
Generation Three
Guy - (Pleasure, 50 Dream Dates)
Lee - teen (Romance, Music)

Hannah (Owens) -  (Popularity, Journalism/20 Pet BF)
Korey - (Romance, Music)
Dirk - (Wealth, Criminal)
Elizabeth- teen (Knowledge, Max 7 Skills)
Scott -teen (Family, Police)

Banks (2)
Kara (Owens) -  (Knowledge, Dance/Adventure)
Preston Banks - (Family, Have 6 Grandchildren)
Generation Three
Andrew - (Pleasure, 50 1st Dates)
Craig -teen (Wealth, Athletic)
Priscilla- (Family, Raise 20 Pets)
Alexander - (Wealth, 6 Pets TOC)

Hsu (2)
Franklin Hsu - (Pleasure, Culinary/Gamer)
Monica (Pratt) - (Pleasure, Culinary/50 1st Dates)
Generation Three
Mandy - teen (Wealth, Dance)
Sammy - teen (Popularity, 5 Top Level)
Aaron -teen (Knowledge, Education)
*Baby Girl - baby

Lianna - (Nichols) (Romance, Culinary)
Shane - (Romance, Music/20 Loves)
Generation Three
Kaitlyn Nichols - (Popularity, 20 BF/Journalism)
Lizzie - teen (Wealth, Entertainment)

Hsu (3)
Trevor Hsu - (Knowledge, Intelligence/Journalism)
Tanya (Pratt) - (Knowledge, Gamer)
Generation Four
Shaunda - teen (Wealth, Oceanography)
Raquel - teen (Pleasure, Gamer)
Tameka - teen (Knowledge, Science)

Destiny (Hsu) - (Romance, Athletic)
Joel - (Wealth, Dance)
Generation Four
Joseph -teen (Romance, Culinary)
Hope -teen (Pleasure, 50 1st Dates)
Sara - child

Pratt (3)
Reggie - (Fortune, Intelligence/Medicine)
Bella (Romano) - (Pleasure, Slacker/Culinary)
Generation Three
Sienna - teen (Knowledge, Entertainment)
Wilson -child
*Clarence - baby

Turners (4)
Kenneth -  (Wealth, Politics/Business)
Christine (Owens) - (Wealth, Law/Criminal)

Hsu (4)
Jeanie -  (Popularity, 20 Pet BFs)

Turners (5)
Terrance - (Pleasure, 50 1st Dates/Culinary)
Catalina (witch) - (Wealth, Criminal)
Generation Four
*Harper - toddler
*Russell - baby
*Kendra - baby

Banks (3)
Cornelius - (Popularity, Adventure)
Carrie (Owens) - (Family, 6 Grandchildren)
Generation Four
*Kurt - toddler

Amin Graham - (Romance, Music)

*Fairchild (2)
Molly - (Romance, Music)

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