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Prosperity Peeps

Apr 21, 2011

Tomyoy (2) - Round 16

Gage (Romance, Slacker/20 WooHoo), DeeDee (Romance, Slacker/20 WooHoo), Mimi & Maureen.

Maureen becomes a child!

Maureen cries when she sees her Dad romancing Opal.  She's so worried her parents are going to split up since neither of them are talking to each other.

Gage looks a little disgusted with himself after woohooing with 20 different Sims.  I think he needs a trip to the Sims doctor now...

Oh yeah, DeeDee had twin babies! And now they're toddlers! So meet little girl Joann (DeeDee's been alittle busy working on her LTW & Gage is attempting to reach an impossible romance want...  Being a romance Sim is hard work sometimes!)  

And Roger!  (If I had two more kids I'd have the cast to Rent! Should I put the poor Romance Sims through that?)

Oh God Christine! What are you doing? Gage hasn't romanced you for ages!  Way to start a fight!

Mimi grows up (Popularity, Journalism) She's most interested in unearthing dirty, juicy gossip.

Awww... they made up again.

"I HATE this house!" Joanne cried after aging up.

Roger looks around, "Where's my guitar?"

Awww... so darn cute!

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