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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Apr 14, 2011

Tomyoy - Round 15

Lance Tomyoy (Family, Police/Marry 6 Children), Aaliyah (Wealth, Earn 100K), Wesley (Wealth, Entertainment), Mason (Wealth, Athletic), Sunny, & Elizabeth

Lance wasn't able to stick around long enough to see all six of his children married..

Sunny grew up to be a teen (Popularity, Music)

Mason reaches the top of the teen athletic career. Good job Mason!

He earns some mechanical skill fixing the computer.

Aaliyah searches for a way to fill the void left by Lance's death.

Sunny makes a move on Guy Allbee.

Elizabeth becomes a teen (Pleasure, Culinary)

Lex reaches the top of his doggie career.

Dexter grows up & changes his hair style.  He's in entertainment & channeling Elvis. (Hey, it sells!)

Elvis... I mean Dexter.. feels a little chilled, but thinks it's just the A/C...

Elizabeth makes a move on Pierre Rossi.

Aaliyah earns 100K.  I love the satisfied grin on her face. (Although that might be because she's finally healthy again!)

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