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Apr 21, 2011

Turners (5) - Round 16

Terrance (Pleasure, 50 1st Dates/Culinary), Catalina (Wealth, Criminal)
Terrance couldn't be happier with Catalina in their new house on the edge of town.
He threw himself into learning the evil arts.
Their house was perfectly witchy. 
Catalina became pregnant soon after the wedding.
As a surprise, Terrance adopted Miley, a familiar for Catalina.  She just laughed at him and told him he had much to learn.
Miley thrived in their messy, unorganized home.
Soon she delivered little boy Harper.
Terrance was learning more & more.  He even attempted to make reagents for spell casting.
Catalina cackled in delight at how well her plans were progressing.
Harper became a toddler. Miley was not impressed.
Catalina apparently does not like changing diapers.
She gives birth to Russell & Kendra.
Catalina takes time out of her busy evilness to read to Harper.
Doh. Another meltdown after a diaper change.
Catalina decides to work on her creativity for her new criminal position.
And goes to bed a satisfied woman.


  1. Oh, I love this family and that house is perfect!

  2. I've never played witches before! I'm want all the kiddos to behave themselves so I can start playing with spells! I wish there was a spell to change aspirations. :) That would be too funny! I'd poof Arianna into a family Sim!


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