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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

May 22, 2011

Banks (2) - Round 17

Kara (Knowledge, Dance/Adventure), Preston (Family, Marry 6 Children), Andrew (Pleasure, 50 1st Dates), Craig (Wealth, Athletic), Priscilla (Family, Raise 20 Pets), Alexander (Wealth, 6 Pets TOC), pets Heidi & Fargo

Andrew continues to work on less than impressive 1st dates...

50 1st Dates! Way to go stud! (Suffice it to say the matchmaker came over about 1/2 dozen times...)

Snowie grows up!  She's a guard dog..

Fargo grows up. He goes into show biz.

Heidi reaches the top of her career! 1 down, 5 to go!

Gage hits it off with co-worker Molly Fairchild.

But then later reconnects with highschool love, Gabriella Nichols.
"I'm not into games, Andrew. I watched Arianna go down that road. If you want to make a commitment, then we'll talk," Gabriella told him.

*Gulps*  Me?! Commitment?!

"Of course I love you, baby. Marry me?"

Andrew was surprised how much he enjoyed Gabriella actually staying the night...

Priscilla fell head over heels for James Owens. She sure loved a red-head!

Big brother Andrew did not look impressed to catch Priscilla kissing James!
Craig became an adult.
And was ready to meet his new love.  These 3 ladies were the top contenders for his heart.
But, Craig decided that Arcadia Garth was the best wife material.
He proposed...
Then they were married...
Andrew bought a few new things for Gabriella. She just needed a little style...
"That looks nice, Gabby.  Turn around for me..."
"Much better!" Andrew thought to himself . "Now I won't be embarrassed to be seen with her in public..."
Snowie reached the top of her career! 2 down, 4 to go!

Feeling the house was too crowded, Andrew & Gabby moved out, as well as Craig & Arcadia.  (3 marriages down, 3 to go!)

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