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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

May 23, 2011

Banks - Round 18

Charles (Family, Golden Anniv./6 Grandchildren), Julie (Wealth, Intelligence/Architecture/5 Top Businesses), Virginia (Popularity, Law), William (Pleasure, Culinary), Gregory & pet Zoe.

Julie becomes head architect.  She also earned 100K quite awhile ago!

William flirts with Hope Centowski.

Big birthday party for new teen Gregory! He wants to go into business & make lots of money!

Virginia grows up. She looks alot like her grandma Margaret, to me.

Not knowing anyone that she was mildly attracted to, she called up the matchmaker.

And hit it off with Alon Scott.

Did I say they hit it off?


Charles begged the Grim Reaper for his wife's life!

And then again for his son that was scared to death his ancestor.

Just a close-up of Alon.

And comparison shot of Charles & grown-up William.

Yup. William's all grown up.

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