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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

May 23, 2011

Boggs - Round 18

Benjamin Boggs (Knowledge, Architecture), Krystal (Knowledge, Max Skills), Dora (Knowledge, Oceanography), Roxy (Pleasure, Gamer) & Eddie (Popularity, Athletic).  Alon Kwa (Popularity, Police), Emily (Popularity, Law), & Francis (Knowledge, Entertainment)

Benjamin becomes top architect & learns a new scam that will make him rich!  He quits his firm & joins a criminal ring.

Dora reaches top of her teen track.

Ben knew he had to impress his new coworkers, so he started working out more.  Krystal loved his new body!

Krystal reached the top of the law track.

Francis grew up (Knowledge, Entertainment)

Emily reached the top of the law career & decided to go into politics.

Eddie was growing up fast & working out. He flexed his muscles to show off. He knew he was going to meet lots of new people in the athletic career.

Benjamin's age is starting to show. (I'm surprised with how well he grew up! He looks more distinguished now!)

Roxy fell for Joel Centowski... big time!

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