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May 22, 2011

Fairchilds - Round 17

Todd (Knowledge, Medicine/Max 7 Skills), Thomas (Pleasure, Gamer), Ethel (Fortune, 5 Top Level Businesses), Bill Huerta (Wealth, Athletic), & Max Fairchild
Thomas knew he never wanted to live without Ethel, so dropping to one knee, he proposed.
Then, in short time, Max became a toddler.  Ethel felt so bad for little Max. She still couldn't believe Molly had run off like that. Oh wait, yes she could...

Bill walked in from work, sweaty & embarrassed...

But Molly made a beeline to him for a little dirty dancing.  "I've missed you," she whispered. Frustrated, he stomped across the room and went to bed.

The lovebirds didn't even notice the drama, they happily exchanged rings and gazed into each others eyes.

The next morning, Ethel counted back & realized she had missed her period somewhere along the way...

Once Ethel announced she was pregnant, Thomas couldn't contain his happiness. He couldn't wait for his new son or daughter!

Molly still came by every few days to check on Max.

Ethel gave birth to a cute little girl, Deborah.

"I can't get you out of my head," Bill mumbled as he kissed Molly back.

But it became apparent that Molly still wasn't ready to settle down & Bill had a growing son to think about.

And the Fairchild's had a growing family.  Max knew they would never ask him to leave, but he started looking around for a good place to raise his boy.
Happy birthday Deborah!

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