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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

May 22, 2011

Graham - Round 17

Amin Graham (Roamnce, Music)

Amin threw a party the minute he got home from work, inviting all the single ladies he knew.  He fell for the cutie Felicia right away.

Amin shook his head as he stared at his bills.  He shouldn't have bought that new sound system with microphone.
"God, what a mess," he thought the next night as he stared around the house. He needed money... bad...  He'd lost all his money in a chance card at work.
"It'll be okay," Felicia told him as she rubbed his back.  "Maybe... someone... could move in with you?"
Amin stayed up all night trying to figure out what to do.
In the end, he called Felicia over right before he headed off to work and said before walking away, "Fine. You win. You can move in."  Felicia had $45,000, but there was no way she was telling HIM that...

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