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May 23, 2011

Nichols - Round 18

Quentin (Wealth, Dance/Adventure/6 Pets TOC), Amelia (Popularity, 20 BF/Politics), & Mark (Wealth, 5 Top Businesses)

Mark invited a few friends over and was immediately greeted romantically by Mandy Hsu.  (Seriously, I was trying to decide who he would marry & she waltzed in and kissed him!)

So he marries Mandy!

The wedding was beautiful!  Mark missed his sister, Arianna; but his Dad had forbidden her to come.

Mandy moved into her new home & bought a little puppy to keep her company.  Meet little Spot.

Quentin's time came sooner than I thought it would! I wasn't ready! Arianna gave him too much stress!

The family enjoys breakfast together.

To make up for their loss, Mandy bought another little puppy, a little girl Chloe.

Amelia reached the top of the politics career.

Chloe all grown up.

Rodan all grown up.  Babies to come, perchance? :)

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