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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

May 25, 2011

Owens (2) - Round 18

Dave (Popularity, Politics/20 BF), Nikki (Wealth, Dance/6 Pets TOC), Faith (Knowledge, Oceanography), James (Romance, 20 Loves)

Dave begged forgiveness from Nikki. He'd never flirt to get a best friend again!

In the middle of a date with Abigail, James suddenly thought of the cutie Dora Boggs.

"I said I haven't forgiven you, yet!" Nikki cried.

Dave fulfills an impossible want & his lifetime want by getting 30 BF's!

Just his luck, Dora came home from work with his sister, Faith.  James made his move while Abigail was upstairs.

Reaching across the table, Nikki let Dave know without words that she forgave him.

Thankfully she forgave him before the unexpected visitor dropped by...

In grief, Nikkie called up Gage for support. He was so kind, and she felt so guilty with the way things ended with Dave, that she threw herself into his arms.

Faith grows up.

James grows up too.

Nikkie came home from work & passed on.  She stomped her feet because of the limo & then boom - Grimmie came over. I bet she got ran over. Gotta watch those limo drivers!

James perfect date is a swooning Lydia. He looks really sad... could it be because he just lost his mom?

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