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May 22, 2011

Owens (3) - Round 17

Demi (Family, Golden Anniversary), Pat & Rick

Demi finally overcame the grief from losing Patrick & called up the matchmaker.

She fell in love that night... hard...

Michael Cwik (knowledge, intelligence) proposed to her, and after getting over her initial concerns over moving too fast, Demi said yes.  They hurried to the courthouse and were married before the boys even came home from school.

"Sweetie... I want you to meet your new Daddy.." 

Pat (or Rick?) was shocked, to say the least.

Demi was full of joy when she realized she was pregnant.

She told Michael over breakfast, and he was shocked, to say the least.  "Say what?" he asked once he was finally able to talk...

The boys birthday!  Pat (Popularity, Military) & Rick (Popularity, Law)

Yes folks, these are the clothes they aged with. GREAT! Let's make it extremely hard to tell them apart!

The twins were close. They did everything together.

Demi gave birth to baby Mike Cwik.

And apparently had some complications following birth.  Michael pleaded with the Grim Reaper and Demi came back to life.

The boys get to know some neighborhood kids!

Lots of girls to choose from...

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