Prosperity Peeps

Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

May 25, 2011

Owens (3) - Round 18

Demi Cwik (Family, Golden Annivesary), Michael (Knowledge, Intelligence), Pat (Popularity, Military), Rick (Popularity, Law),  & Mike

Mike grew up cute.

This house has some very upset ghosts that like to try to kill Sims.

A difficult labor - hungry, tired & had to use the restroom.  Welcome to Ghost Central, little Emma.

Demi adopted Boppety for the boys, but no one pays attention to the poor dog.

Little Emma grows up, too.

Mike becomes a child.  He had a rough start and is prone to tantrums.

Emma grows up as well. Aww, pretty in pink!
Tomyoy - Round 18          Owens (3) - Round 19

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