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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

May 23, 2011

Owens - Round 18

Dustin (Family, Education), Kana (Family, 6 Grandchildren), Rebecca, Paul, Luke & Rufus

Paul on the left & a grown up Luke on the right.

Dustin reached the top of the education field.  Now he can't wait to celebrate his Golden Anniversary with Kana.

Family is important to Paul. He wants to have 6 grandchildren.

Rebecca just wants to relax and party. She thinks a Slacker job would be perfect for her!

"Get a room guys!" Rebecca mumbled when she saw her parents.  (I like how Dustin is thinking about babies as he strokes her cheek & Kana is dreaming about maxing a skill...)

Kana's childhood friend comes over and she talks him into trying a kiss. Just to see what it feels like...

Dustin becomes an elder.

The teens invite some friends over to party.

Rebecca lets Joel Centowski talk her into a small kiss.

But is caught a little later trying it out with Roger Hsu.

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