Prosperity Peeps

Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

May 22, 2011

Pratts (3) - Round 17

Reggie (Wealth, Intelligence/Medicine), Bella (Pleasure, Slacker/Culinary), Sienna (Knowledge, Entertainment), Wilson & Clarence

Reggie reaches TOC & suddenly wants to be a Gamer.

Little Clarence becomes a toddler.

Sienna has a thing for Rick Owens.

Wilson becomes a angst-y teen.  (Popularity, Athletic)

Sienna reaches teen TOC.

Family meal time.
Bella reaches TOC in culinary field & decides to follow her husband's footsteps to go into medicine. Right, because that is totally up the Pleasure Sim's alley...
Bella hopped online & found the medicine job available. Now she just needs to skill like crazy.

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