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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

May 22, 2011

Pratts - Round 17

Christopher (Knowledge, Criminal/Architecture), Kerie (Knowledge, Gamer/Max Skills), Jesse (Romance, 20 Loves/Slacker), Felicia (Popularity, Music)

Jesse hit the top of his career & then set his sights on culinary.
And romancing...
"Why can't you behave? You're no son of mine!" Christopher fumed.
Meanwhile, Felicia fell head over heels for Guy Allbee.
Jesse had other plans, though.  After shoving Guy, Jesse told him to find some other girl to toy with.
Kerie passed on.
Christopher got himself worked up over Jesse's playboy ways...
...which is most likely what led to the heart attack.
The next night, Jesse threw a wake & reconnected with an old friend, Arianna.  She complained about living at home and in the spur of the moment, he asked her to move in and party with him.

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