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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

May 23, 2011

Romanos - Round 18

Emilio (Knowledge, Entertainment/Oceanography), Shelly (Knowledge, Entertainment/Medical), Rose (Wealth, 6 Pets TOC), Fiona (Knowledge, Science), Abigail (Romance, Culinary), Stefania & Gisele.

Emilio, Shelly & Abigail get their groove on...

Rose gets her first pet, Cera.

Abigail checks herself out in the mirror. She knew she was the prettiest of all her sisters. She'd use those looks, and anything else she could, to get to the top of the culinary field.

Little Stefania. She looks so much like Olivia in this shot.

There's little Gisele playing on the computer while Rose does her homework.

Shelly grows up.

Faith Owens caught Joel Centowski kissing Abigail and was not happy one bit.

Family enjoys a quiet breakfast.

Rose adopts two strays, Maxx...

...and Tiger Lilly.  In the dog house is a grown-up Cera. Very regal.

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