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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

May 22, 2011

Tomyoy (2) - Round 17

Gage (Romance, Slacker/20 WooHoo/20 Loves), DeeDee Turner (Romance, Slacker/20 WooHoo), Mimi (Popularity, Journalism), Maureen, Joann & Roger.

Maureen grows up in the middle of her parent's infamous parties.

"Holy Moly, Mom! Put some clothes on! It's not THAT kind of party!"

But Gage & DeeDee still love each other, after everything they've put each other through.

And everyone seems to get a long pretty well...

But, alas, Gage is on a mission to have 30 loves under his belt...

DeeDee becomes an elder & is mad when she realizes her youth & excellent figure were fleeting.. 

After stringing Arianna along, Gage had his wish for 30 loves.

Little Angel grows up!
Joann becomes a teen (Wealth, ??) [Oh how I want her to be a lawyer!!!]
Roger becomes a teen (Popularity, ??)  [crossing fingers for music!!]

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