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May 22, 2011

Tomyoy - Round 17

Wesley proposed to Jeanie first thing Monday morning...

...and threw a lavish wedding party

He'd put his foot down with any wolves though.  She could only bring her 3 favorite shepards.

Mason saw how happy Wesley was and figured he could have that with Kaitlyn, too.

Mason & Kaitlyn moved out to start their new life, immediately.

First night of Jeanie in the house & a mob collected. She didn't call anyone... I was half-worried they'd get pitchforks & torches...

Sunny grows up.

And pops a pose for Nate Hsu.
Elizabeth grows up soon, too.
Jeanie gave birth to little girl Adora.

In the middle of a liplock with Pierre Rossi, Elizabeth realized that she wanted to fall in love with Nate.
Unfortunately, they were on a date & caught by Sunny.  "You lying, two-timing..." Sunny growled as she slapped Pierre.

Jeanie finally gets 20 Pet Best Friends!
And gets a job in politics with the dream of making it big.
Elizabeth invites over Nate and has fun just hanging out with him.

Jeanie is so happy that she's found someone that loves her for who she is... and who she becomes at night...
Sunny decides to forgive Pierre.

Jeanie is happy to see that her shepard had a litter!

Her "litter" grows up, too.  Adora is an ADORA-ble little girl...

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