Prosperity Peeps

Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

May 22, 2011

Turners (5) - Round 17

Catalina cackled as she stirred the pot for her reagents...

Terrance tested his new found powers by making her cluck like a chicken.

Toddler twins Russell & Kendra.

Harper grew up to be a child.
A very neglected child.
He would often run outside and stare at the night sky to escape the smells & the spells.  He wished his family was normal.
But, there was nothing normal about his family, his parents spent most of their time reading, making stirring their cauldron & casting spells.
Like the spell his father cast on Tasha Turner to make her social niceties rejected.
Or the time his mother cast a spell to summon Gage Hsu.  He saw his mother flirt with him!
Soon his younger siblings had grown up. He was so glad. It was hard looking after toddlers... all he could really do was clean up their dirty bottles & teach them rhymes.
But, he didn't seem to fit in. His twins always played together & ignored him unless they were teasing him.
But Harper still spent his time trying to take care of the house.
He was sure his parents loved him, too.  They just forgot the small things.
It still hurt him when he saw his mother or father laughing and playing with Russell or Kendra.  They had never taken the time to play with him when he was that age...
Harper plays chess with Russell.

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