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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

May 22, 2011

Turners - Round 17

Jenna (Knowledge, Journalism/Max Skills), Jerome (Pleasure, Culinary), Marie (Pleasure, Culinary), Tasha (Romance, Culinary), Jackson [Korey Collins], & Harrison [Jesse Pratt]

"Boy, I've worked up an appetite!" Tasha joked.

Gage stayed for the next two days at Tasha's house until the day she started showing.  "Gage, when are you getting a divorce?" she asked.  Gage hedged, "The thing is... it would kill DeeDee. And... my kids... I should go..."

Jerome & Marie had a big surprise, as well.

Happy birthday little Harrison!

Farewell Jenna!

Jerome was getting fed up with Tasha. She wasn't paying rent & kept getting pregnant.  "It's not my fault their daddy's don't send support!" Tasha fumed.

Tasha had little Garrett [Gage Tomyoy]

Marie gave birth to little girl, Jill.

Harrison grows up.

Garrett becomes a toddler.

Jill becomes a toddler.

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