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Jun 3, 2011

Banks (4) - Round 18

Alexander (Pleasure, 50 1st Dates/Culinary), Gabriella (Knowledge, Gamer)

Gabriella just couldn't get enough of her husband... (Seriously, this chick kept rolling the woo hoo in bed want after each woo hoo until she was impregnated.)

Gabriella couldn't wait to be a mom! (And after she was pregnant, she didn't roll another want to woo hoo in bed the rest of the round! Wow... talk about knowing what she wanted!)

"Umm... NO... you're MARRIED," Brenda scoffed after Andrew attempted to flirt.

Tracking his wife down, he tumbled her into bed.

"You spent HOW much on this stupid car?" Gabriella yelled.  "Take it easy, baby cakes... I'm going to get a promotion tonight. We'll be fine..."

Gabriella could've cried when she delivered little Jason that night and didn't have enough money for a crib.  Sniffling, she laid her baby on the floor and then curled up in bed and cried.

Andrew was scared to go inside and face his wife.  He'd made a mistake at work and chose to splice something in the reel and lost his job.  He didn't know what to tell her... so he just wouldn't tell her anything.

He slipped into bed and shut his eyes tight and pretended to sleep as she reached over to squeeze his hand.  "I'm sorry I yelled at your earlier," she whispered.  Andrew didn't say anything.

Gabriella got a job in the gaming field to supplement Andrew's paycheck.  She was surprised when she started to show.  I'm going to have to go anyways, she thought. We really need the money right now.  She couldn't figure out why the finances were so tight, but Andrew never let her see the books.

Andrew was really digging staying home with his kid.  He kept telling Gabriella he'd had some vacation time saved up and wanted to help out around the house.

But every morning, he checked the paper to see if there were any restaurants hiring...
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