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Jun 3, 2011

Banks (5) - Round 18

Things were going great for Arcadia, she had a wonderful husband, a new house & was expecting her first baby.

That's why she was so surprised to catch Craig on a date with some floozy from his work.  Even poor Craig looked shocked.  He said quickly "It's not what you think! I didn't mean to! I meant to ask her on an outing! I'd never intentionally cheat on you! I swear it!"  (And really - I'd meant to just ask Lydia on an outing. DARN IT!"

To make matters worse, the stress of it all caused Arcadia to go into premature labor.

Craig jogged over to see his newborn child, Maggie.  "Umm... awkward," Lydia whistled. "Look.. maybe we shouldn't do this again," she said as she made a beeline for the door. (Yeah, let's NOT do that again Lydia. God! You homewrecker!)

"I am SO sorry," Craig tried apologizing over and over again, but Arcadia just wasn't ready to listen to reason.

So Craig slept on the couch... a number of nights.  He just never saw Arcadia enough to make it up to her. She started working nights and he worked days. 

Time was flying by and things didn't seem to be getting any better.  Little Maggie was now a little girl (And how precious IS she?)

Craig sat at the table and stared into space.  He'd made dinner for two and set the stage for a romantic reconciliation, but Arcadia had just brushed his cheek with a goodnight kiss and stumbled to the bedroom, exhausted.  He quietly ate his dinner on his own and wondered what he could do to fix this...
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