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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Jun 6, 2011

Boggs - Round 19

Benjamin (Knowledge, Architecture/Criminal), Krystal (Knowledge, Max Skills), Emily (Popularity, Law/Politics), Alon Kwa (Popularity, Police), Dora (Knowledge, Oceanography), Roxy (Pleasure, Gamer), Francis Kwa (Knowledge, Entertainment), Eddie (Popularity, Athletic)

Dora excels at school & work.

Crap! She must've been working too hard! Darn ghost scared her to death while she was trying to finish her homework! Way to go Mom for saving her!

Krystal maxes all her skills.

Just a pretty porch area they built at the back of the house.

Family dinner.

Alon reaches top of the police field with two days before he becomes an elder. He hunts around for another job with his particular set of skills... looks like he's been recruited by his brother-in-law.

Emily ages up.

Dora becomes an adult & looks ready to go to the beach. Sorry Dora, I don't have Bon Voyage.

Emily reaches the top of the political field & now she wants to have 20 BF.  (This house runs REALLY slow because of it's size, so no wild parties for you guys, sorry!)

Benjamin reaches the top of the criminal field, too & decides to spend the rest of his life maxing skills.

Alon, how distinguished looking. Being a criminal must pay well...

Roxy grows up & wants to go on a date. She calls up Joseph Centowski with the intent on keeping things casual and relaxed. Just because she wants to keep dating new guys doesn't mean it has to be romantic each time!

Except Joseph has other ideas.  "Mmmphmm... this isn't a good idea," Roxy tries to mumble.  I'd be careful if I were you Joseph... her Dad is watching you guys...
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