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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Jun 3, 2011

Centowski - Round 18

Destiny (Romance, Athletic), Joel (Wealth, Dance), Joseph (Romance, Culinary), Hope (Pleasure, 50 1st Dates), Sara (Knowledge, Adventure)

Joel becomes an old man.

Joseph becomes an adult. Definitely stands out...

Sara hates her curly hair in her face all the time, so she pulls it back.

Nothing like a man keeping his options over. (On a date with Hariette, he keeps thinking about falling in love with Elizabeth Collins and Faith. Sorry bud, they're taken already & they're not the cheating kind!)

Finally Joseph gets caught up in the moment.

Destiny discovers an attraction to cutie James.

Ah... life is good.

Hope grows up... tacky... very tacky...

Joel reaches the top of the athletic field and can't wait to earn 100K.

Hope can't wait to date more men...  helloooooo Amin. :)
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