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Jun 3, 2011

Fairchild (2) - Round 18

Molly Fairchild (Romance, Music), Billy Huerta (Fortune, Athletic), & Max Fairchild

Molly prepped a speech on how it wasn't a big deal that she was pregnant and that it didn't mean they had to get married right away...

"Notice anything different?" Molly asked.

"We're getting married or I'm leaving with Max. I want our children to have my name," Billy said.  Molly really couldn't imagine life without him and little Max, so she agreed with only a little grumbling.

She was a proud momma when she held her little black-haired baby. "Raven," she said. "We'll call you Raven, and you will be the baddest little girl in the world!" 

Max becomes a teen heart-breaker.  (Romance, Culinary)

Molly reaches the top of the music career.  Feeling stifled, she decides to go back to Gaming.

Raven becomes a toddler.

Max hits it off with Kendra after she comes home from school with him.

Billy waited impatiently as Molly read to Raven.  "It's her bedtime, Molly. You can't keep her up this late..."   Molly fumed, "I know when my daughter needs to sleep. Don't act like you're a better parent than me!"

Welcome to the world little Claire, a red-haired, green-eyed little girl!
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