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Prosperity Peeps

Jun 3, 2011

Hsu (3) - Round 18

Trevor (Knowledge, Intelligence/Journalism), Tanya (Knowledge, Gamer), Shaunda (Wealth, Oceanography), Raquel (Pleasure, Gamer), & Tameka (Knowledge, Science)

Trevor became the head honcho at the newspaper & set out to max all his skills.

Shaunda celebrates her birthday.

And becomes smitten with Alan Hogan.

Just a close up shot of her new man.

Or should I say fiance!

They put a wedding arch in the backyard & invite family & friends to celebrate with them.

I like this picture of them!

The wedding was well-attended...

But in the middle of the party... disaster struck... Tanya passed away & she didn't reach the top of her career! She was so close! Darn it!

Losing her mother hit Raquel hard. She felt like she'd grown up overnight...

James Owens tried to console her... in his own way... boom-chick-a-boom-boom

Raquel's everyday wear. (Wow.. I really like this room!)

Shaunda finds out she's pregnant.

Tameka grows up.

Wow... a tangled web we weave... I'm assuming James was caught kissing Molly...

Good thing Raquel was passed out at the table or she would've caught James, too.

Meanwhile - Trevor maxed out his skills.
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