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Jun 3, 2011

Hsu - Round 18

Nate (Popularity, Music/Gamer), Elizabeth (Pleasure, Culinary)

Ahh... this is the life.. relaxing in the spa with good friends & good wine...

Life's a party at the Hsu household.

After they find out they're pregnant, they invite their family over to give them the good news.  So glad to see Sunny & Elizabeth made up!  No more fighting over men, girls!

Nate doesn't look quite sure about the whole being a dad thing..

Nate throws a lovely evening wedding party.

The bride was only slightly showing.

Maybe they should've thought about the whole "evening" part when they invited Jeannie.

She was a little distracting...

Soon little Cora was born.

And Elizabeth couldn't keep her hands off Nate. Must've been those post-partum hormones!

Soon enough...

Cora grew up to a toddler and Mommy was expecting again.


Little Grant

and Devon. (By the way, Devon's a girls name too!)
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