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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Jun 6, 2011

Owens - Round 19

Dustin (Family, Education/Golden Anniversary), Kana (Family, 6 Grandchildren), Rebecca (Pleasure, Slacker), Paul (Family, Marry 6 Children), Luke & pet Rufus.

Kana reached the top of the medical career & then switched gears to science.

Paul was so glad when Nadine Hsu said she'd go out with him.

Time for homework.

Kana becomes an elder.

And decides she needed a bird cage.

Time for a Golden Anniversary party.  Dustin hugs his wife tightly before she kisses his cheek and heads off to work.

Luke... really? You're reading the newspaper?

I think you're still going to smell when you get out of a bath with a wet dog... yuck...

Luke grows up & shows off his biceps.  He wants to go into Architecture and learn as much about everything as possible.

Brothers look so similar.

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