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Jun 3, 2011

Pratts (2) - Round 18

Derrick (Family, Golden Anniversary), Bethany (Knowledge, Oceanography/Entertainment), Darren (Pleasure, Culinary), & Arnold

Derrick threw Bethany a birthday party that he hoped she'd never forget... but she played piano the entire time.

Happy Birthday!

Arnold's birthday came next.  He even got a cake!

He wants to be wealthy & make it big in the entertainment industry.  Gotta start working on that six pack!

Derrick reached the top of politics and decided it was time to retire.

He threw a big Golden Anniversary party to celebrate.

Poor Patches. I didn't even see the poor thing finally came home to die!

Bethany makes it to the top of entertainment and decides to retire to be a scholar (aka - max 7 skills).

But, she takes some time to pass on her knowledge of the entertainment industry to her son, Arnold.

And completely misses the fact that her son is sneaking out. Hello! There's a LIMO, mom!

Arnold learns all about his body.  (Reading about it is so much nicer than having that birds & the bees talk with your dad!)
He finally feels prepared to ask the girl he likes out. (It's either Rebecca or Kimberly Turner, Marcus & Stella's daughter!)

Darren grows up!

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