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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Jun 3, 2011

Tomyoy (2) - Round 18

Gage (Romance, Slacker/20 Woo Hoo/20 Loves), DeeDee Turner (Romance, Slacker/20 Woo Hoo), Mimi (Popularity, Journalism), Maureen (Pleasure, Dance), Roger (Popularity, Journalism), Joann (Wealth, Medicine), Angel & Collins.

Mimi throws a party with all the cool kids.

Joey Centowski sweeps Joann off her feet while Mimi flirts with Gregory Banks.

Convincing him to go outside to see their family graveyard... she steals a quick kiss.

DeeDee flirts unabashedly with the butler. Quite a handsome fellow!

Joann is returned home safely from an alien abduction.

Roger catches DeeDee helping the Butler... "What?!" DeeDee asked as she straighten her jammies.  "I was helping him clean.  He... lost a contact..."

Mimi grows up & decides to keep her unfortunate hair-do.  She thinks it makes her stand out in a sea of Sims.

Roger has a huge crush on Sammy, but she let him down easy.

"Fine, I'll just fall in love with Hope Centowski, then!" Roger pouted.

Way to go Roger - he reached the top of the teen field.
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