Prosperity Peeps

Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Jun 3, 2011

Turners (6) - Round 18

Tasha (Romance, Culinary), Jackson, Harrison, & Garrett

Tasha made cake for her welcoming committee. She was so glad to be starting fresh in this house. She was tired of the looks her family had given her. No telling what lies they would tell her boys!

Tasha knew it was time to start her dream - Jackson was old enough to watch the boys alone.  (Knowledge, Dance)
So, she headed over to La Petite Cafe and started to figure out how to make a business work.  She envisioned a cozy, corner cafe where people came to eat and chat or enjoy a cup of coffee and a game of chess.

She was pretty sure that burning the place down was not the way to go...

Garrett grew up and started asking who his dad was.  The older boys just rolled their eyes and said it was better not to ask.

Umm.. Tasha... I'm pretty sure there are laws against smooth talking your help...  Tasha just waved her hand and said "Don't worry, I'm just giving him a rose as a tip for working so well tonight..."

Tasha reaches the top of the culinary field & wants to go into music or gaming, but nothing ever popped up on the computer.

Okay, now THIS has to be wrong, Tasha!  "No, no," Tasha explained, "Our earrings just got stuck together." 

Harrison grows up and is ready to make his mark on the world.  (Wealth, Adventure)

Alas, Tasha grows up without getting another job. She can't wait to be able to hire a manager... working at the cafe is killing her! And it's a money drain. She wishes she could figure it out...

The boys tease poor Sarah Centowski.  "I'm never coming here again!" she cried as she ran out of the house, kicking the trash can as she left.
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