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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Sep 3, 2011

Round 19 End Stats

Due to an unnatural disaster, Pleasantview residents gathered what little belongings they could salvage and fled from their homes.   So, I have ended this challenge with the birth of Ashlyn Banks, the start of the 5th generation. 

Started with 223 Sims, added 1 Sim. (Ashlyn Banks)

Total Score:   460
224 Sims, 38 households, 25 aspiration failures, 4 social bunny visits, 3 firing
Neighborhood $:  $7,691,032 = 76
16 households have held 3 generations (Banks, Boggs, Nichols, Owens, Romano, Pratts, Owens (2), Owens (3), Owens (4), Tomyoy (2), Turners, Pratts (2), Turners (3), Owens (5), Fairchild, & Tomyoy,)
44 platinum graves
Top of Career= 92:
   Henry Banks (Criminal/Dance), Margaret Banks (Athletic/Criminal), Charles (Medicine), & Julie (Intelligence/Architecture)
   Simon Boggs (Education)
   Marcus Nichols (Education), Quentin Nichols (Dance/Adventure)
   Seth Owens (Gamer), Shanna (Athletic), Ian (Architecture/Oceanography), Dustin (Education)
   Nina Romano (Architecture/Criminal), Emilio (Entertainment), Shelly (Entertainment)
   Bryan Pratt (Architecture/Entertainment/Adventure), Christopher (Criminal), Kerie (Gamer), Jesse (Slacker)
   Michael Turner (Athletic), Jenna (Journalism), Marie (Culinary)
   AJ Owens (Business), Mary (Adventure), Dave (Culinary/Politics), Niki (Dance)
   Carter Owens (Journalism), Lindsay (Military/Athletic)
   Ashley Tomyoy (Culinary), Sheldon (Oceanography), Lance (Law Enforce), Aailyah (Dance), Wesley (Entertainment)
   Dexter Owens (Gamer), Everett (Police)
   Derrick Pratt (Business/Politics), Bethany (Oceanography/Entertainment)
   Olivia Tomyoy (Athletic), Gage (Slacker), DeeDee (Slacker)
   Taye Turner (Journalism/Politics), Carolina (Police), Marcus (Journalism/Politics)
   Lamar Turner (Culinary)
   Renaud Rossi (Athletic), Caterina (Music)
   Todd Fairchild (Medicine), Thomas (Gamer)
   Geoffrey Allbee (Law/Culinary), Janeenee (Culinary)
   Hannah Collins (Journalism), Korey Collins (Music)
   Kara Banks (Dance)
   Franklin Hsu (Culinary/Gamer), Monica (Culinary)
   Shane Benson (Music)
   Trevor Hsu (Intelligence/Journalism)
   Joel Centowski (Dance)
   Reggie Pratt (Intelligence/Medicine), Bella (Slacker/Culinary)
   Kenneth Turner (Politics), Christine (Law)
   Terrance Turner (Culinary)
   Cornelius Banks (Adventure)
   Amin Graham (Music)
   Molly Huerta (Music)
   Tasha Turner (Culinary)

Impossible Wants (+3)= 28:
    Maya Nichols-Rossi had 50 Dream Dates
    AJ Owens-Earn 100K
    Elmer Tomyoy - Have 30 BF
    Gracie Turner - 50 Dream Dates
    Lamar Turner - 50 1st Dates
    Henry Banks - Earn 100K
    Margaret Banks - Earn 100K
    Bryan Pratt - Max 7 Skills
    Renaud Rossi - 30 BFs
    Nina Romano - Max 7 Skills
    Ian Owens - Max Skills
   Quentin Nichols – Earn 100K
   Christopher Pratt – Earn 100K
   Aaliyah Tomyoy – Earn 100K
   Todd Fairchild – Max 7 Skills
   Amelia Nichols - Have 30 BF
   Kerie Pratt - Max 7 Skills
   Jenna Young - Max 7 Skills
   Marcus Turner - 30 Best Friends
   Terrance Turner - 50 1st Dates
   Niki Owens - Earn 100K 
   Gage Tomyoy - 30 Loves
   Kara Owens - Max Skills
   Andrew Banks - 50 1st Dates
   Julie Owens - Earn 100K
   Dave Owens - 30 BF
   Tanya Pratt - Make Skills
   Reggie Pratt - Earn 100K

Preston (Wealth, Dance) Deceased
Generation Two 
Henry Banks (Wealth, Criminal/Dance/Earn 100K), Deceased
Margaret (Middleton) (Wealth, Athletic/Criminal), Deceased
Generation Three
Charles - (Family, Golden Anniversary/6 Grandchildren)
Julie (Owens) (Wealth, Intelligence/Architecture)
Generation Four
Virginia -  (Wealth, 5 Top Businesses)
Alon Scott - (Popularity, Law)
William -teen (Pleasure, Culinary)
Gregory - teen (Fortune, Business)
Generation Five

Edison (Pleasure, 50 Dream Dates) Deceased with 18 Dream Dates
JP (Knowledge, Max Skills)
Generation Two
Simon (Family, Raise 20 Pets/Have 6 Grandchildren), Deceased
Sadie (Louie) - (Family, Have 6 Grandchildren), Deceased
Generation Three
Benjamin - (Knowledge, Architecture/Criminal)
Krystal (Tomyoy) - (Knowledge, Max 7 Skills)
Emily (Boggs)- (Popularity, Law)
Alon Kwa - (Popularity, Police)
Generation Four
Dora -teen (Knowledge, Oceanography)
Roxy -teen (Pleasure, Gamer)
Francis Kwa -teen (Knowledge, Entertainment)
Eddie -teen (Popularity, Athletic)

Janene (Family, Marry 6 Children) Deceased
Marcus (Family, Education), Deceased
Generation Two
Quentin (Wealth, Dance/Adventure/6 Pets TOC), Deceased
Amelia (Boggs) (Popularity, 20 BFs/Politics/20 BFs)
Generation Three
Mark - (Wealth, 5 Top Businesses)
Mandy (Hsu) - (Wealth, Dance)

Seth (Pleasure, Gamer) Deceased
Shanna (Bruenig) (Romance, Athletic) Deceased
Generation Two
Ian - (Knowledge, Architecture/Oceanography/Marry 6 Kids), Deceased
Brenda (Wheeler) - (Popularity, Own 5 Top Businesses), Deceased
Generation Three
Dustin - (Family, Education/Golden Anniversary)
Kana (townie) - (Family, 6 Grandchildren)
Generation Four
Rebecca - teen (Pleasure, Slacker)
Paul - teen (Family, Marry 6 Children)
Luke - child

Salvatore (Family, 6 Grandchildren), Deceased
Isabella (Family, Raise 20 Pets), Deceased

Gina Marie (Wealth, Dance), Deceased
Generation Two
Nina [Elmer Tomyoy] (Romano) (Knowledge, Architecture/Criminal), Deceased
Amin  Graham (Family, Marry 6 Children), Deceased
Generation Three
Emilio [Ian Owens] Romano - (Knowledge, Entertainment/Oceanography)
Shelly (Tomyoy) - (Knowledge, Entertainment/Medical)
Generation Four
Rose -teen (Fortune, 6 Pets TOC)
Fiona -teen (Knowledge, Science)
Abigail - teen (Romance, Culinary)
Stefania -child
Gisele -child

Maya (Nichols) (Pleasure, 50 Dream Dates) Deceased
Generation Two
Bryan - (Knowledge, Architecture/Entertainment/Adventure/Max 7 Skills), Deceased
Christopher - (Knowledge, Criminal/Architecture), Deceased
Kerie (Benson) - (Knowledge, Gamer/Max 7 Skills), Deceased
Generation Three
Jesse - (Romance, 20 Woo Hoo/Slacker/Culinary)
Arianna - (Romance, 20 Loves/Slacker)
Generation Four
Shaun - toddler
Ray - toddler

Naomi (Nichols) (Family, Raise 20 Pets), Deceased
Bruce Turner (Knowledge, Entertainment), Deceased
Generation Two
Michael Turner (Popularity, Athletic/20 BF/20 Pet BF), Deceased
Jenna (Young) - (Knowledge, Journalism/Max 7 Skills), Deceased
Generation Three
Jerome (Pleasure, Culinary)
Marie (Hsu) - (Pleasure, Culinary/Gamer)
Generation Four
Jill - child
Susan - baby

Owens (2)
AJ (Wealth, Earn 100K/Earn 100K), Deceased
Mary (Boggs) (Knowledge, Adventure/5 Top Businesses), Deceased
Generation Two
Dave - (Popularity, Culinary/Politics/20 BF), Deceased
Nikki (Waiter) - (Wealth, Dance/6 Pets TOC, Deceased
Generation Three
James - (Romance, 20 Loves)

Owens (3) 
Carter (Knowledge, Journalism) Deceased
Lindsay (Macaravich) (Popularity, Athlete), Deceased
Generation Two
Patrick - (Romance, 20 Woo Hoo/Music), Deceased
Demi (Owens) Cwik- (Family, Golden Anniversary)
Michael Cwik - (Knowledge, Intelligence)
Generation Three
Pat -teen (Popularity, Military)
Rick -teen (Popularity, Law)
Mike Cwik -child
Emma Cwik - child

Ashley (Banks) (Romance, Culinary)  Deceased
Sheldon Tomyoy (Fortune, Earn 100k) Deceased
Generation Two
Lance (Family, Police/Marry 6 Children), Deceased
Aaliyah (Romano) (Wealth, Earn 100K), Deceased
Generation Three
Wesley - (Wealth, Entertainment/Criminal)
Jeanie (Hsu) - (Popularity, 20 Pet BF/Politics)
Generation Four
Adora -child
Adam - baby

Owens (4)
Dexter (Family, Golden Anniversary/6 Grandchildren), Deceased
Alessandra (Romano) (Education), Deceased
Generation Two
Everett - (Family, Marry 6 Children)
Elise (Rossi) (Family, 6 Grandchildren)
Generation Three
Vanessa - (Family, Marry 6 Children)
Perry - (Knowledge, Adventure)
May -teen (Popularity, 20 BF)
Bambi -teen (Family, Raise 20 Pets)

Pratt (2)
Manuel - (Knowledge, Architecture), Deceased
Sheila (grocery delivery) - (Wealth, Law), Deceased
Generation Two
Derrick - (Family, Golden Anniversary/Raise 20 Pets)
Bethany (Owens)- (Knowledge, Oceanography/Entertainment/Max 7 Skills)
Generation Three
Arnold -teen (Wealth, Entertainment)

Tomyoy (2)
Elmer - (Popularity, 20 Best Friends), Deceased
Olivia (Romano) - (Romance, Athletic) Deceased
Lindsay (Nichols) - (Romance, 20 Lovers), Deceased
Generation Two
Gage -  (Romance, Slacker/20 WooHoo/20 Loves)
DeeDee Turner - (Romance, Slacker/20 WooHoo)
Generation Three
Mimi - teen (Popularity, Journalism)
Maureen - teen (Pleasure, Dance)
Joanne -teen (Wealth, Medicine)
Roger -teen (Popularity, Journalism)
Angel - child
Collins - child

Turner (3)
Taye Turner -  (Popularity, Journalism/Politics/20 Pet BF), Deceased
Carolina (Davison)- (Popularity, Police/20 Pet BF), Deceased
Generation Three
Marcus -  (Popularity, 20 BF/Politics)
Stella (Boggs) - (Popularity, Military/Athletic)
Generation Four
Rebecca - teen (Wealth, Business)
Kimberly - teen (Popularity, Music)

Owens (5)
Gracie (Owens) - (Pleasure, 50 Dream Dates/Gamer), Deceased
Lamar Turner - (Pleasure, 50 1st Dates/Culinary/50 Dream Dates), Deceased
Generation Three
Candice (Turner) - (Family, Education)
Chuck Baity - (Fortune, Architecture)
Generation Four
Stanley Turner -teen (Popularity, Military)
Elaine Baity - child
Alice Baity - child

Phebe [Edison Boggs] (Romano) -  (Family, Marry 6 Kids), Deceased
Daniel Hsu (Family, Education), Deceased
Generation Three
Nate - (Popularity, Music/Gamer)
Elizabeth Tomyoy - (Pleasure, Culinary)
Generation Four
Cora - toddler
Grant - baby
Devon - baby

Stacy (Tomyoy) - (Family, Golden Anniv.), Deceased
Todd Fairchild - (Knowledge, Medicine/Max 7 Skills)
Generation Three
Thomas - (Pleasure, Gamer/50 Dream Dates)
Ethel (Banks) - (Fortune, 5 Top Level)
Generation Four
Deborah - child
*Tony - toddler

Renaud Rossi (Popularity, Athletic/20 BF/20 Pet BF), Deceased
Caterina (Tomyoy) - (Romance, 20 Lovers/Music), Deceased
Generation Two
Pierre - (Romance, 20 Loves)
Felicia Pratt - (Popularity, Music)
Leo Stallkamp - (Wealth, Dance)
Chantal (Rossi) -  (Pleasure, Slacker)

JaNeeNee (Turner) - (Pleasure, Culinary/50 Dream Dates), Deceased
Geoffrey Allbee - (Popularity, Law/Culinary/20 Pet BF), Deceased
Generation Three
Guy - (Pleasure, 50 Dream Dates)
Sunny (Tomyoy) - (Popularity, Music)
Generation Four
Sandy - baby
Jane - baby

Hannah (Owens) -  (Popularity, Journalism/20 Pet BF), Deceased
Korey - (Romance, Music/20 Loves), Deceased
Dirk - (Wealth, Criminal)
Aimee (Rossi) - (Pleasure, Slacker)
Elizabeth- (Knowledge, Max 7 Skills)

Banks (2)
Kara (Owens) -  (Knowledge, Dance/Adventure), Deceased
Preston Banks - (Family, Marry 6 Children)
Generation Three
Alexander - (Wealth, 6 Pets TOC)
Faith (Owens) - (Knowledge, Oceanography)

Hsu (2)
Franklin Hsu - (Pleasure, Culinary/Gamer/50 Dream Dates)
Monica (Pratt) - (Pleasure, Culinary/50 1st Dates)
Generation Three
Sammy - (Popularity, 5 Top Level)
Aaron - (Knowledge, Education)
Mimi Hsu - (Popularity, Journalism)
Nadine -teen (Family, 6 Grandchildren)

Lianna - (Nichols) (Romance, Culinary/20 Loves), Deceased
Shane - (Romance, Music/20 Loves), Deceased
Generation Three
Lizzie (Benson) -  (Wealth, Entertainment)
Darren Pratt - (Popularity, Culinary)
Generation Four
Kevin - baby

Hsu (3)
Trevor Hsu - (Knowledge, Intelligence/Journalism/Max Skills)
Tanya (Pratt) - (Knowledge, Gamer), Deceased
Generation Four
Shaunda (Hsu) - (Wealth, Oceanography)
Alan Hogan - (Popularity, Law)
Raquel - (Pleasure, Gamer)
Tameka - (Knowledge, Science)

Destiny (Hsu) - (Romance, Athletic)
Joel - (Wealth, Dance/Earn 100K)
Generation Four
Joseph - (Romance, Culinary)
Hope - (Pleasure, 50 1st Dates)
Sara - teen (Knowledge, Adventure)

Pratt (3)
Reggie - (Fortune, Intelligence/Medicine/Gamer)
Bella (Romano) - (Pleasure, Slacker/Culinary/Medicine)
Generation Three
Sienna - (Knowledge, Entertainment)
Wilson -teen (Popularity, Athletic)
Clarence - teen (Knowledge, Medicine)

Turners (4)
Kenneth - (Wealth, Politics/Business)
Christine (Owens) - (Wealth, Law/Criminal)
Generation 3
Carly - child
Madison - child

Turners (5)
Terrance - (Pleasure, 50 1st Dates/Culinary/50 Dream Dates)
Catalina (witch) - (Wealth, Criminal)
Generation Four
Harper - teen (Family, Education)
Russell -teen (Romance, Athletic)
Kendra -teen (Pleasure, ?)

Banks (3)
Cornelius - (Popularity, Adventure/Medicine)
Carrie (Owens) - (Family, 6 Grandchildren)
Generation Four
Kurt -teen (Knowledge, Medicine)
Kathleen - child
Jessica - toddler

Amin Graham - (Romance, Music/20 Woo Hoo)

Fairchild (2)
Molly (Fairchild) - (Romance, Music/?)
Bill Huerta - (Fortune, Athletic)
Generation Four
Max Fairchild -teen (Romance, Culinary)
Raven - baby
Claire - baby

Tomyoy (3)
Mason - (Fortune, Athletic)
Kaitlyn (Nichols) - (Popularity, 20 BF/Journalism)
Generation Four
Mitchell - child
Ryan - child

Banks (4)
Andrew - (Pleasure, 50 1st Dates/Culinary)
Gabriella (Nichols) - (Knowledge, Gamer)
Generation Four
Jason - baby

Banks (5)
Craig - (Wealth, Athletic)
Arcadia (Garth) - (Wealth, Criminal)
Generation Four

Turner (5)
Tasha - (Romance, Culinary/?)
Generation Four
Jackson [Korey Collins] - teen (Knowledge, Dance)
Harrison [Jesse Pratt] - teen (Fortune, Adventure)
Garrett [Gage Tomyoy] - child

Allbee (2)
Lee - (Romance, Music)
Harriette Owens - (Pleasure, Culinary)

Clay - (Wealth, 5 Top Levels)
Natalie (Turner) - (Family, 6 Grandchildren)

Collins (2)
Scott - (Family, Police)
Priscilla (Banks) - (Family, Raise 20 Pets)